The UK's FIRST cat cafe has closed

I am sorry to say that my human servants have closed the café, due to their illness. We are very sad and my team of cats will miss our daily fun. The café has been brilliantly successful both from a commercial and social point of view. We cats agree that our main human servant Mrs Dyas has hit on the ideal format for a cat café - small, friendly and with nice short hours for the cats. The huge number of customers we have had the pleasure to meet all agree with me that the cats have always been happy, sociable and completely unstressed.
However (although Mrs Dyas will hate me for saying it) she is not as young as she once was and has to safeguard her health. She has had a wonderful time with the café and feels she has proved that with the right format, a cat café can be of enormous benefit to humans and stress-free fun for cats. She hopes that others will follow her format and achieve their own success.

Lots of love and purrs